Political Eyes

15 June 1996

Eyes stare out a window
Shadowed with despair

The power of life
Has never been so dear

Can one nation destroy another
Can not all live like brothers(or sisters)

A mockery of life
Brought on by decades of strife

A nation ripped apart
By minds willing to destroy

Those who build there own goals
Not those of their brethren

May god have mercy on their souls

A Man's Decision

4 August 1998

Dreams of a life unknown
Desires unfulfilled
Time has passed
Has happiness been lost?

Or is it to remain an impasse?
Time is on the move
Decisions are to be made
A boy has become a man

The man must make his stand
All will be lost to him
If he forsakes his thoughts
His life can be filled

If he wishes
So now the question is
Can his thoughts be willed?
Can they be fulfilled


15 June 1996

If the words of love are expressed in song?
How then are the words of pain?
Is it for all times shrouded in silence?
If so what does society have to gain?
If one is abused is he not a victim?
Is he wrong to respond with violence?
Why does society shun the hurt?
What does this say to our children?
If one was to express their pain
Would it not make others embarrassed?
We should say what we feel
Shout to the world
We can become strong from our pain
We shall feel no longer embarrassed
Those of pain
Can only understand
But can never explain

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