My Mountain

15 April 2001

Lord You gave me a mountain to climb
I climbed my mountain
I climbed thru pain, death, and failure
I climbed thru all that I endured

I made it to the top of that mountain
Lord then you gave me an angel
You placed her on top of my mountain
Why lord did you place temptation at the bottom?

Lord my angel has fallen
Her hallow has tarnished
I have ran down my mountain to help her
But lord I cannot not do it on my own

Lord I have started back up my mountain
I carry my angel in my arms
My Lord gives us strength
Help my angel and myself

This time lord
We will climb that mountain together
And lord willing we will make it to the top
And that mountain will be our mountain

A Prayer For the not so Religous

15 April 2001

Lord (if that is really your name) can we talk
I need your help (if you are really there)
My husband skills really suck (pardon me)
And if you can (that is if you do exist) help me.

I have this beautiful wonderful woman
(If you truly do exist you would know because you created her)
She is confused maybe I am not the answer for her
But with your help (again if you are really there)
I can make her happy

Do not (if you really have the power) let me lose her
Give me the strength (If you can) to help her and myself
Give her the strength ( Prove you can) to help herself
Thank you for listening (If you are)

P.S. Janey will give you a call later she has some complaints

Thank you and Lord hear my prayer (possibly)

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