MILITARY / Seen through a soldier's eyes

A Soldier's Eyes

2 August 1996

The field is seen thru a soldiers eyes
He looks across the mist
Across the pile of bodies
But death is not what he sees

He sees what his heart has missed
He sees the face of one he loves
He is scared for he has changed
Can he return and be the same?

He looks out, death surrounds him
The roar of guns deafen him
Fear grips him

Fear not of death but of change
I am a fool he thinks
I am at war

A Soldier's Question

18 January 1997

"Are you scared" asked a soldier
"No f****n way" I responded
But I was shaking like a leaf
I knew they could hear my heart pounding!

My stomach churned
Each step I knew would be my last
A bullet would rip thru me
I could feel the pain and panic
I wanted to run

I stopped and looked at the sun
It seemed to mock me
For it was full of life and warmth
As I held my gun in my hand
I knew it was full of coldness and death
All I could do was hold my breath
And try not to run

My mind echoed with screams of fear
As I strode on in false bravado
I turned to that soldier,
Shook my head and said
"I live for fear"

We buried that soldier
The honour guard fired a salute
The band played Amazing grace
His mother eyes full of tears
Was given the flag that had draped his coffin
The officer saluted her
And gave his condolences

The soldier had the ultimate honour
He had died for his country
But only I had seen his face
As they closed the coffin
Etched upon it for God and all
Etched for all time
Was what we all were

A Man's Fear

8 August 1997

A young man has no fear
He looks thru eyes of invincibility
He points his rifle and the enemy falls
They have no faces, no names

He is right
For he will always win the fight
A young man can not be hurt
Till he is hurt

Then he is an old man
All within a few seconds
The young man changes
A old man has fear

For life is important
The dead have names and faces
They visit the old man's sleep
There souls are his to keep

A young man dies in battle
An old man awakens

A Dead Man

1 March 1985

Can a dead man speak
Lying in the mud for a fortnight
Can his face say the words
Can his death make it right

He is now part of my life
With me in joy and strife
Can I forge ahead alone

Or will his face forever
Look at me with eyes
That neither see or feel
For I am what he was

In many ways I died
The day he died
God forgive me
For I have sinned

The Trapped

4 April 1997

The silence brings on shivers
It's intensity brings on fear
Silence is the enemy of mine
Or is it my savior?

I wait like death
I know they will come
I hear only silence
From which way might they come?

Sweat beads across my eyebrows
Hands drenched from sweat
Panic ebbs through my mind
Is it I who traps them?
Or is it I trapped by them?

The silence is broken
Footsteps crash through the trees
They penetrate my silence
I take their lives

The roar of gunfire
The smell of death
The screams of the dying
My silence returns

The silence brings on shivers
With it fear and remorse
The silence brings back reality
For I know we are borne in noise
But die in silence

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