LOVE / Emotions to share

A Heart to Win

30 March 2002

Lack of feelings
Loss of emotion
Feelings untapped
Trust word unknown

A child not taught
An adult struggling
Battles with fear
Struggles with love

Can marriage survive?
Trust to behold
Friendship to be captured
Souls to be bonded

An adult to become
Childhood to be forgotten
Bridges to be build
Roads to pave

Emotions to share
Walls to be collapsed
A soul to be bared
A heart to be won

A Friend and Lover

15 June 1996

A friend and a lover
For a friend will always
Be there for you
A lover is only for the moment
A friend who is a lover
Will be there for eternity
Sharing oneself can bring joy
For caring is the greatest passion
A lover will act coy
But a friend will have compassion
The greatest love of all
Is with one who will never let you fall

The End Before the Beginning

4 April 1997

A heart empty
ripped open
barred to all
for all to pity

anger thrust out
defenses to protect
walls of unwavering heights
anger unchecked

feelings trampled
thoughts raped
ambitions crushed
by those he hates

betrayal of his soul
colours only black and white
forgiveness is not in sight
loneliness is not his savior

guilt, regret, fear
for those he has wronged
for those he might have loved
for those who might have loved

time to make amends
time to heal
time to forgive
time to be born anew

a struggle he must win
for pain and mistrust
must not consume him
happiness and peace

strangers to be welcomed
friends to be enjoyed
lovers to fill the nights
things to be cherished

dreams all dreams
alas for them to come true
thru spirit and mind
and love

An Icey Stream

15 June 1996

Gaze upon an icy stream
Waters flowing from the melting ice
Softness that was once hard and frozen
Transforms into life-giving liquid

A heart that has known hardship and hatred
Once was hard and frozen
Melted with love and passion
Transformed into friendship and compassion

Like the icy stream flowing quickly
If a drink or swallow is to be taken
One must act upon or be lost
For the icy stream can freeze again

For the heart can seal again
Passion must be renewed
And understanding the heat
Gaze upon the heart
As you would gaze upon the icy stream


15 June 1996

O' look into the shadows of my soul
Bared to you, ripped open to expose my guilt, my pain, my desires and my passion
Revealed for only you to see
Take me and lead me from where I am to a new nation
Come fourth and be my salvation
To me, to mine for all the rest of our time
For only thou and your heart shall forever be mine
Till god takes me in his loving hands
I shall spend my life making my amends to you
To humanity for I no longer feel pain
But now I shall feel only love and compassion
It shall be found in your name

The Search

12 December 1998

A child searches and finds naught
A young man takes up the challenge
Only to become distraught
A man continues the search
Head heavy from defeat
His will begins to fade
His mind and soul sound retreat
He counts himself out
Until one day some one seeks him out
An angel descends into his life
Hope is borne anew
He questions reality
Is this a new route to more strife?
Or is it the beginning of his life?
Question pushed aside
He must pursue this angel
And perhaps just perhaps,
Make her his wife


8 August 1997

Borne of pain
Raised the same

Tasted the breath of life
Witnessed the taste of death

For is for me to conquer alone
Must I always fight battles
That can not be won

Is it written that in life
I shall find no one
Or is it not yet my time

Or has destiny forsaken me
Left me alone to pine for a soul mate
Or waits for me to be rid of my hate

Well God must be kind
for so far he has made you mine


4 February 1996

As I walk thru the forest
The winds sails among the pines
It sounds like the pines are whispering
I do not what they are saying
But I imagine they are saying you will be mine
There sound is of beauty
A beauty, which can only be found
In the wind
The wind has an icy touch to it
For it must be winter wind
It calls to me
It has a name

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